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False Abuse Charges

A mother was falsely accused of abusing her infant daughter.  After combing through the evidence and demanding that the case go back to the Grand Jury for a fair hearing, the mother got to tell her story.  The Grand Jury declined to charge her.  Case dismissed! 

Self-Defense Wins

My client was a young man who got involved with the wrong men.  After those men tried to kidnap him, he shot and killed one of them in self defense. 


At trial, he was acquitted of First Degree Murder. 

Molest Charges Dismissed

A bright young man was wrongly accused of molesting his niece.  After forcing the State to trial, a mistrial occurred.  The trial forced the State to see the truth of the case. 


The molestation charges were dismissed.

Family Stays Together

Father of two was accused of stealing from Target.  He has primary custody of his U.S. citizen children, and was a legal permanent resident.  I worked to get him a Diversion plea, and his charges were dismissed. 


Now, he can stay in the U.S.A. with his family and become a citizen very soon.  

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