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Felony convictions have severe and long-lasting consequences. They are more serious than misdemeanors, resulting in prison sentences of over a year. Convicted felons can lose civil rights, like voting, and face challenges in employment, housing, and obtaining professional licenses. However, a felony charge doesn't guarantee a conviction. Individuals can challenge these charges with an attorney experienced in felony cases, as everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. A knowledgeable attorney can help navigate the legal complexities and potentially prevent the profound repercussions associated with a felony conviction.

If you have been charged with a felony in Tucson, it is important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Our criminal defense firm not only provides excellent representation in the courtroom but also considers the potential long-term effects receiving a felony can have on your future. We will work closely with you to ensure your rights are defended, and you get the best result possible based on your case's circumstances. We offer a free case evaluation so that you can best understand your next steps. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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What are Considered Felony Crimes in Arizona?

In the state of Arizona, felonies are distinguished from lesser offenses by the potential punishment they carry. Felonies can result in imprisonment for more than a year, emphasizing their graver nature. Given their severity and broad spectrum, a comprehensive understanding is essential.

Arizona classifies felonies into six classes based on their severity:

Class 1 Felony: This is the most severe category. Crimes here include:

  • First-degree murder
  • Second-degree murder

Class 2 Felony: These can entail:

  • Manslaughter
  • Drive-by shootings
  • Sexual assault
  • Trafficking or distribution of narcotics or other dangerous drugs

Class 3 Felony includes:

  • Specific dangerous crimes against minors
  • Aggravated assault (under certain conditions)
  • Trafficking or distribution of narcotics or other dangerous drugs

Class 4 Felony involves crimes like:

  • Robbery
  • Forgery
  • Possession of narcotics

Class 5 Felony: Crimes under this class might be:

  • Theft of property or services valued between $2,000 and $3,000
  • Criminal damage amounting to $2,000-$10,000
  • Fraudulent use of a credit card accumulating charges of $1,000 or more within six months

Class 6 Felony: The least severe class, includes offenses such as:

  • Shoplifting items valued between $1,000 and $2,000 or stealing firearms worth under $1,000
  • Causing criminal damage valued between $250 and $2,000
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

Felony versus Misdemeanor: The distinction is primarily based on the crime's severity and the corresponding punishment. Felonies, given their serious implications, attract stiffer penalties, longer prison sentences, larger fines, and a more lasting impact on one's record compared to misdemeanors.

The Nature and Types of Felony Crimes in Arizona:

  1. Capital Offenses: Regarded as the most heinous crimes, they encompass actions like murder and arson. Those convicted of such offenses, especially first-degree murder, can face the death penalty in Arizona.

  1. Property Crimes: These crimes don't necessarily involve physical harm but result in financial or personal loss to the victim. Examples include burglary, where someone unlawfully enters a property with the intent to commit theft, and robbery, which involves direct confrontation and potential harm to the victim.

  1. Drug-related Felonies: Arizona has stringent drug laws. Possession of even a small amount can lead to felony charges, depending on the type of drug. Trafficking or manufacturing drugs can result in even harsher penalties.

  1. Violent Felonies: These involve direct harm or threat to another individual. Kidnapping, for instance, is the act of unlawfully seizing someone, often with demands for ransom or other malicious intent.

Arizona Felony Penalties

While every felony case is unique, courts often refer to general advisory sentencing guidelines to determine the appropriate punishment for a convicted individual. These guidelines serve as a framework or a starting point, offering a sense of uniformity and fairness in the justice system. It's worth noting, however, that while these guidelines are available, courts are not bound by them. Instead, they provide a general "yardstick" against which the specifics of a particular case can be measured.

  • Class 1 Felony: The most severe category, a conviction here can result in a sentence ranging from 25 years to life imprisonment. 

  • Class 2 Felony: Offenders can face up to 12.5 years in prison. 

  • Class 3 Felony: Individuals convicted under this category may receive a sentence of up to 8.75 years in prison.

  • Class 4 Felony: Crimes falling under this classification can lead to a sentence of up to 3.75 years in prison.

  • Class 5 Felony: The sentencing guideline suggests a term of up to 2.5 years iin prison for these offenses.

  • Class 6 Felony: Representing the least severe felonies, a conviction can lead to a prison term of up to 2 years.

While these guidelines offer a structured approach to sentencing, the final decision always lies with the presiding judge. Various factors can influence the judge's decision, including the specifics of the crime, the offender's criminal history, the impact on the victim, and any mitigating or aggravating circumstances.

The Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney

The significance of having a seasoned criminal defense attorney cannot be overstated in felony cases. A criminal defense attorney not only understands the intricacies of the legal system but also knows how to navigate the nuances of each case. Through strategic representation, they can:

  • Present compelling evidence and arguments that might lead to a reduction in the sentence, even after a guilty verdict.

  • Advocate for alternative sentencing options, like probation or rehabilitation programs, instead of imprisonment.

  • In some situations, work proactively with the prosecution to negotiate and possibly have a potential felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor, which carries lighter penalties.

While advisory sentencing guidelines offer a structured approach to felonies, the outcomes can vary widely depending on each case's specifics and the defense attorney's strategy. It emphasizes the need for experienced legal representation and a thorough understanding of the felony sentencing landscape in Arizona.


First Degree Murder

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Acquitted at Trial

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Charges Dismissed

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Facing felony charges in Tucson, Arizona, can be a daunting and life-changing event. Arizona treats felony crimes with the highest level of seriousness, and the penalties upon conviction can be severe, especially for individuals with prior offenses. The consequences might include imprisonment, hefty fines, probation, mandatory educational programs or community service, and possibly, a lasting criminal record.

As your dedicated attorney in Tucson experienced in cases of felony crimes, we are committed to offering you unwavering support and guidance during this challenging phase. We understand the significant impact such a charge can have on your reputation and livelihood, and our mission is to provide you with the support, guidance, and strong legal representation you need.

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