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Sex offenses


Property, Violence, and more

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In my years of practice, I have learned how to analyze, research, investigate, and defend even the most serious of homicide cases. 

These cases require the expertise to know how self-defense, defense of others, and defense of property can change a potential life-sentence into an acquittal. 

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Sex Offenses

A sexual offense allegation can destroy your life and end up costing you years in prison. 

I have the knowledge it takes to combat these charges with expert testimony, DNA challenges, psycho-sexual evaluations, and more.   

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Drug Cases

Every little detail can make a big difference in a drug case.  The facts about why a person has been pulled over, why a search has been done, or why a warrant has been signed, all matter when it comes to researching the law.  Police mistakes can mean better results for you, and I know how to find those mistakes

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Property, Violence, and More

There are so many different types of cases out there, from theft and fraud, to assaults and domestic violence.  I have represented clients in every type of case.

I have the knowledge and confidence to break down the case and find the best resolution for you! 

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